Beautiful Hand Crafted Soy Wax Melt Pod 36g



Why choose soy?

Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax, with no petrol-carbon soot that can blacken walls as well as releasing toxic carcinogens in to the air. ...

Each wax melt has been hand poured, using the maximum ratio of fragrance oil, our melts not only smell beautiful when lit but the cold throw is equally as powerful - leave one in a room (without a lid) and listen to your guests tell you how delicious your house smells!

We suggest that you break you melts into small chunks before placing in a wax warmer.

Sparking Fizz Wax Pod

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  • Ingredients - soy wax and fragrance oils. 

    Product Packaging - Glassine paper bags, from a sustainable source. Brown paper labels. 

    Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. No synthetic fragrance. Natural and cruelty free.