Become a VIP member with our NEW VIP Subscription Box

Each month receive a unique wax melt selection box

What's Included:

New theme each month

6 luxury clamshells

Two unique scents each month - not available to purchase separately

VIP discount on ALL other purchases

FREE Delivery

Exclusive access to secret sales and new launches

Monthly newsletter



How it works

Monthly Subscription £15 per month

Each month on or around the 15th of the month your VIP Wax Melt Club parcel will be dispatched.

Inside your box will be 6 wax melts. two in unique scents unavailable to buy any other time, a newsletter giving an insight of each fragrance and an exclusive VIP discount code to use that month on ALL other purchases.

Each subscription will be FREE delivery


Minimum 3 months initial subscription

You are obliged to sign up for a minimum 3 month period
Once 3 months is complete you can opt to renew any time.

You are able to select the date you want to start, so if you sign up by the 5th of the month you will receive that month's subscription box.

If you sign up after the 5th of the month you will receive the following month's subscription box (you won't be charged twice)


Cancel any time after initial period.

Once your three month period is complete you can cancel anytime but we hope you will enjoy them so much you'll stay with us.

If you cancel after your last month's subscription and before the 1st of the following month your subscription will be cancelled immediately.

If you cancel after the 1st of a month you will be charged and will receive one final subscription box before your subscription is cancelled.