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Reed diffusers are a passive way to scent a room. They diffuse constantly, are long lasting, and due to their low maintenance and flame-free nature can be left un-attended to fragrance any space. All of our diffusers are lovingly made to provide you with hours of fragrant bliss. To keep them looking and working their best (and safest), follow our tips to enjoy a purer scent experience and maintain their high quality for longer.




Remove inner cap or plug (carefully). Place the reeds that come with your reed diffuser into the bottle to absorb the diffuser oil. Let the fragrance oil absorb into the reeds, and naturally diffuse the scent into the room. The fragrance will continue to evaporate into the air around it, creating a constant ambiance.


Aside from flipping the reeds once every few weeks to ensure the reed do not become over-saturated with fragrance and dust, you don’t need to do anything special to look after your diffuser.


If you want a quick burst of scent, flip the reeds over. When turning the reeds, take care to protect the surface the diffuser is on; using a paper towel to ensure no liquid is dripped onto the surface or floor, and make sure you wipe the bottom of the vessel before you put it back onto the surface in case any liquid runs down the side of the bottle. If you use your reed diffuser on wooden surfaces, it is essential you place them on a protective surface or a drinks coaster as essential oils and fragrances can leave marks and melt paint.


If you like a subtler scent or are using your reed diffuser in a smaller room, you can use fewer reeds to diffuse the fragrance more slowly. You will receive 7 reeds in your gift box – use all 7 reeds if you like a stronger fragrance, or between 4-5 reeds for a subtler aroma.


There are some extra factors which will affect the longevity of your diffuser, for example, if kept in a warm area the heat will draw the fragrance through the reeds quicker – so perhaps avoid placing above a radiator – and avoid placing the diffuser in direct sunlight as this will damage the scent and cause it to evaporate more quickly.

• Draughts and breezes can also cause the diffuser oil to be spread more quickly – so open windows should also be avoided.

• Diffusers should be kept on a higher shelf or surface, well out of reach of children and animals.

• Take care not to spill a diffuser, as the liquid can cause damage to surfaces and any paint work – and it should definitely not be ingested.

• Now you know how to get the best out of your diffuser, choose your favourite fragrance and enjoy!


Once your diffuser is empty, you can simply purchase a refill, and new

reeds directly from our website. We would only recommend refilling our vessels with the same scent as the label on the bottle, if you wish to use a different scent please contact us for

a separate CLP label to replace the ‘old’ scent on the bottle, to ensure your safety whilst using the product.


All of our scented candles are lovingly made to provide you with hours of fragrant bliss. To keep them looking and working their best (and safest), follow our tips to enjoy a purer scent experience and maintain their high quality for longer.



The Hertford Candle Company uses a soft luxurious wax. We tend to it carefully in our workshop to ensure it makes the perfect candle. When we say it has ‘character’ that means that it sometimes has fine surface cracks, when it cools and sets. At The Hertford Candle Co. we don’t see this as an imperfection, we see it as the personality of such a natural wax. After burning, sometimes our wax develops little dimples or holes on the surface. Again, this is the character of using a 100% vegetable derived wax. Our wax burns slowly and cleanly. It contains no paraffin or additives, and lasts a lot longer than many other candle waxes on the market today. You know when you find a candle from The Hertford Candle Co. because it fills the air with beautiful aromas, creating a wonderful relaxing space for you to enjoy.




1. Allow the wax to pool

Light the wick on one end and allow the flame to flow naturally across the wick, Make sure that the wax melts to the edge of the candle before extinguishing it—this may take between 60-90 minutes or longer for a larger candle. Allowing the wax to pool will discourage “tunnelling” or

leaving wax on the sides of the vessel. The flame height may vary at times and occasionally even appear to self-extinguish, but this is normal. Even if you are experiencing a “low” flame, it will continue to heat and the flame height should return. You’ll experience the best burn results when the candle remains lit for 3-4 hours.


2. Keep the Candle Within Sight & Away from Drafts

Always place the candle on a flat, heat-resistant surface, and make sure to keep the candle away from children, pets, materials that can catch fire, and other heat sources. Light your candle in a well-ventilated room, away from drafts, or fans, which can cause soot (black marks on the vessel), or rapid, uneven burning.


3. Never Move or Handle the Candle While It’s Burning or While the Wax is Hot

To be safe, only move your candle once the flame is extinguished and the wax has cooled. Pouring or removing liquid wax from the vessel could cause the wick to extinguish or

“drown” in the wax and affect the future burn quality of the candle.


4. When to Trim the Wick

Due to the nature of the wooden wicks, you shouldn’t need to trim your candle wick. The only exception is when the flame exceeds 25mm or the candle begins to smoke. If you need to trim the wick, carefully extinguish the candle, allow the wick and wax to cool, and trim it to 5-6mm by gently breaking off the burned edges of the wick with a cloth or paper napkin. Remove and discard all wick trimmings safely before relighting the candle.


5. Discarding the Candle

When there is approximately 6-8mm of wax remaining, it’s time to stop using your candle.

Extinguish the candle when 6-8mm of wax remains and recycle it according to your local recycling centre’s instructions.



Wax melts are completely wick-less scented pieces of wax that are melted in a warmer. The warmer heats and melts the solid wax. As the wax melts, it fills up the area with scent. We currently sell them in hearts, clam shells and snap bars.

  • Place your melt burner/warmer in a safe, stable situation, away from drafts and anything flammable and also well out of the reach of children.

  • Remove the wax melt from the packaging and place in the top of a dry burner/melter - do not add water! (Melts can be broken up into smaller chunks if desired but you still enough to fill the top of the burner)

  • Place your Wax Melts in a well ventilated, melt approved burner/warmer and never add water. These come in a variety of styles – Some use tea lights or low wattage bulbs and some are electric. Don’t forget to extinguish the tea light candle or turn off the electrical appliance when leaving the room – never leave them unattended or within reach of children!

  • Never use an 8hr tea light when using a tea light burner, 4hr maximum).

  • Never use heat from a stove or use any other non-certified wax melt appliance; they get too hot! Do not allow the flame from the tea light to touch the underside of the melt bowl (part where the wax melt sits). There should be at least a two inch clearance or it could catch on fire. Some tea light melt burners are not made properly and do not allow enough distance between the flame and the melting bowl. Just because it’s called a melt burner doesn’t mean it’s a SAFE melt burner and there are many unsafe ones on the market. So please remember to check the clearance before purchasing one – clearance isn’t an issue when using electric warmers.

  • Do not melt the wax if the melting bowl contains less than 1cm of wax, either add another melt or discard the wax! When the wax melt has cooled it will solidify again, you can either re-use the wax until the fragrance has been consumed or gently tap the sides of the burner and most times the melted wax will pop out. You can discard the used wax melt or seal it in a plastic bag to re-use another time Remember, burning wax melts involves hot melted wax and possibly a candle flame (if using tea light burns); these two things can be very dangerous, so take extreme care and enjoy the wonderful fragrances that are available in our wax melts.

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