Wax Melts


We stock a huge variety of scents in different styles, we guarantee your home will smell beautiful burning our melts.


Wax Melts

Our beautiful highly fragranced wax melts in clam shells are fantastic for wax burners and electric wax warmers.


Snap Bars

Looking for cute melts, these are the ones for you! 

These snap bars are perfect for ease of use. Simply snap a segment off the bar and pop in your wax warmer.


Heart Melts

Heart melts have the most simplicity, these are perfect for ease of use. Simply pop 2-3 in your wax warmer.


Magical Moments

Our new magical moments inspired by all things Disney. 


Wax Melt Bundles

Can't make your mind up with a huge choice of fabulous scents? Try one of our bundles, they are the perfect solution to finding your favourite scent, recommended to any newbie!


Wax Melt Gift Sets

Looking for a gift for a friend or loved one? These beautifully packaged melts are the perfect gift.